What would a stress-free holiday season
be worth to you?

Can you even imagine having a STRESS-FREE
holiday this year?

Are thoughts of overworking, overspending, and overeating
at the holidays getting you down already?

Do you have pictures of warm family scenes
that never seem to materialize?

Is your mind whirling with anxiety about how
you’re going to pay for everything?

Do you feel despair at the thought of the expanded
waistline you’ll have to deal with after the holidays?
(Not to mention the bills that will come in later)

Are you haunted by memories of “Holidays Past” and some
of the difficult people you will again have to cope with?

Is your to-do list about to explode?

Does your “holiday dream” sometimes seem more
like a “holiday nightmare?”

Would you like to change that?



  • The one thing you can change immediately that will reduce much of your stress right now

  • Simple ways to shift your mood quickly- without medication

  • Ways to avoid overeating – and still enjoy the party

  • How to find “islands of peace” in your everyday life – without eliminating any important activity

  • Ways to eliminate overspending – and make your loved ones even happier

  • Simple techniques to deal with “button pushers” who spoil your holiday – every time

  • Strategies for blending people with different holiday dreams
    ….AND MORE

The classes, conducted by telephone, will be given during an evening hour, and recorded for those who miss each initial session.


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