Lynette Crane, M.A. (Psychology) Certified Life Coach

Motivational and inspiring keynote speaker

Available for one hour, half-day and full-day presentations
on understanding human differences and communicating across those differences


If you plan to do one thing this year
to improve employee engagement and increase productivity, this is it!


By understanding the introversion-extroversion dimension, Businesses can  positively affect their bottom line by

  • increasing their employees’ engagement through understanding how different kinds of people contribute to success,
  • giving leaders the tools to engage  and develop quiet employees,
  • providing strategies for managing mixed groups (introverts and extroverts) for maximum participation and contribution
  • training  extrovert leaders on the insight and tactics for managing introvert employees
  • giving introvert leaders skills with which to manage extrovert employees
  • While individuals can:
  • master behaviors that make their excellent contributions visible – while remaining true to their temperament
  • increase their creativity and productivity,
  • reduce their stress, and
  • break through the invisible ceilings that seem to be holding them back.

These are the questions clients ask me:

What is your background for the training you do? 

I have been helping people understand one another and their differing communication styles and relationships to stress and time for over 30 years, first as a college instructor creating  a course called “The Psychology of Stress,  later adding doing training for large organizations to my portfolio, including City College of San Francisco, Unified School District of San Francisco, Veterans’ Administration Hospital at San Francisco, Family Support Bureau of San Francisco County, and the Airport Communications Department at San Francisco International Airport.

The diverse populations with which I worked for so many years as an instructor in the Psychology Department of City College of San Francisco – people of all ages, races, and backgrounds –  challenged me to understand cultural and communication differences and help others to understand those differences.  The period in which I first started to work, the 1970’s, was also the dawn of many “revolutionary” movements, saw new classes and training programs introduced, on such topics as gender differences and racial differences, as well as the growing realization that these differences could affect health.  I was there in the forefront.

Now we have a new revolution brewing in the United States: the recognition that introversion has been losing ground as a respected and valuable personality trait, the effect this is having on personal and professional life, and the potential loss to the community, including the business community.

As an introvert who was crippled by painful shyness for decades, then a non-shy introvert whose voice and good ideas were too often overlooked,  I recognized a  major barrier to good performance and productivity.  Initially,  I created a college class and then wrote my book, “The Confident Introvert”; once again, I am in the forefront of offering specific solutions.

Not only is the introversion-extroversion challenge a barrier to good performance, creativity, and productivity, but it can also be a factor in wellness, since living with an innate personality style that is not recognized as being valuable is a daily stressor.

Turning my attention to the corporate world, I have developed a presentation called, “Introversion and Extroversion in the Workplace: Managing Up and Managing Down.”

My expertise does not just come from academic sources but from many real-life sources: for many years I worked in a variety of businesses:  insurance, the recording industry, copper product manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, architecture, marketing and advertising (on Madison Avenue in New York, no less!), to name a few.

Why so many job/career changes?  Because, in my youth, I was a theater person, working in offices in between seasons of performing.  It gave me an extremely broad overview of the workplace and the challenges faced by workers in many different industries.

My performing background also gives me the skills to motivate and enthuse audiences.

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Who are your ideal clients exactly?

You are my ideal client if you:

… are quiet, thoughtful, intelligent individual  … but feel overwhelmed and underappreciated in a fast-moving,
competitive world.
… find your good ideas are too frequently overlooked
… sometimes feel invisible in a group
… freeze when someone in a group asks for your opinion
… KNOW you are creative and intelligent, but somehow don’t know how to make  your creativity and intelligence apparent to the
world without becoming someone you don’t even like.
… and  you suffer the repeated stress of feeling as if you aren’t quite accepted for who you are


… you are someone who leads a group of people – a manager, employer, teacher, sales person, and yes, a parent, too – but doesn’t always understand how you can help the people you lead and/or mold be more contributory and effective.

How are you different from other experts in your field?

So many experts list what to do: for stress, breathe deeply, take a walk, talk to a friend, exercise, etc..  For confidence; use positive self-talk.  For communication: use a format; “When you do…. I feel…”

In the field of understanding human differences and communicating across those differences, I show them in depth how to do these things, and what’s more, I show them how to do all of them within a very busy schedule, getting the maximum effect with a minimum of time invested.

I love to say, “Well, I’ve been to hell and back, and I know the way”. In fact, I know the shortcuts.

You say you were a ballet dancer originally:
what on earth does that have to do with what you do now?

As a ballet dancer, I had observed (and experienced) the devastating effects of stress on energy and on performance. I had recognized that even talented, brilliant people often didn’t reach their loftiest, most exciting goals because they were debilitated by stressful thinking. The more I studied the field, the more I realized it involved not just simple relaxation procedures but also strategies to create and live a full life.

Other qualities I got from ballet were:

Incredible self-discipline and dedication to my giving 110% to what I do

Ability to express myself with great enthusiasm: “You’re very passionate and entertaining” is a phrase I hear a lot after I speak. So I can bring very positive energy and theatrical flair to situations and to the people who  are trying to develop tools for change.

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I am a psychologist, experienced teacher and trainer, inspiring speaker, and author who is dedicated to showing people how to make the changes they need in order to create a new, more satisfying personal and professional  life.

How can people access all this wisdom?

Through my presentations: keynotes, one hour lunch-and-learn talks, half-day and full-day seminars,
Individual coaching is also available.

My book, The Confident Introvert, is a great introduction – whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

See the “Speaker Lynette” section on this website for further information about the various talks and seminars I present.

Have your organization book me as a speaker or trainer.

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